Plans by Eritrea’s ruling party – the PFDJ – to celebrate the regime’s achievements  – have been met with protests. The annual festival in Bologna, now in its fortieth year, has drawn Eritreans from across Europe. But many have come to protest against what the government of President Isaias has done to the country. They have also recalled the suffering that has resulted in thousands of young Eritreans taking their lives in their hands to flee the country.

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Protests against the North Park Festival Eritrea: A dance on the dead of Lampedusa”

The event, organized in Bologna by the Eritrean government is causing controversy and protests.
Erika Bertossi July 4, 2014
Source: Bologna Today

Protests at North Park at the opening ceremony of a festival organized by the Eritrean government and challenged by the Eritrean Democratic group as a “propaganda tool to get an international endorsement.” On the question raised in these days, had also expressed Frascaroli Amelia, who had alerted the Mayor Virginio Merola was not given any visibility for the event.

Mobilizing Eritrean refugees and migrants from across Europe, the Democratic Coordination Eritrea has set up the opposition to this festival and all forms of institutional support to the Eritrean government, responsible for arbitrary detentions, military service indefinitely, documented cases of torture and systematic denial of freedom of the press, of opinion and religious beliefs. From 11 am this morning the garrison is noisy disturbing” the inauguration of the festival.

The festival was organized to Parco Nord in Bologna from today to Sunday and 7, as well as the mobilization of this morning, tomorrow afternoon in Piazza Maggiore is planned a new protest (at 17) because, as claimed by protesters in their manifesto: “We must mourn those who died innocent and unburied in the Mediterranean sea hugging comrades in misfortune, ended up in the bottom of the sea while looking for a new home to live and work with dignity, brings in the Mediterranean Sea-eyed children filled with hope and there see die with eyes full of terror, he trusted slave traffickers and unscrupulous paid to die in the sea, fleeing from dictatorships and wars to find some peace and freedom, in danger of being rejected because of a Italian law (Bossi Fini) senseless and useless, falls victim of trafficking in human organs in the Sinai. the Eritrean people, which gained independence after years of struggle and sacrifice, can not stand a government that does not intend to implement development programs and well-being but only the power of its dictator, Isaias Afewerki, power-hungry, which since the seventies began to exterminate intellectuals, political opponents and conscience, journalists, religious … and has enslaved young people under the pretext of military service. “


“Some clarification in due order at the Festival of the independence of Eritrea. I should point out that, warned of what he was being outlined by the local Eritrean community, I was the first to warn the Mayor and the Administration about the inappropriateness of giving any space to the event . beyond what has been learned from the newspapers today and some last-minute declarations of some local politicians, I think that the same Eritrean community in Bologna will give a summary of my commitment to act to remedy the serious lightness with which he agreed to give, even if only implicitly, visibility to the Eritrean regime

WHY BOLOGNA. For the festival organized by the Eritrean government Bologna was chosen because our city was one of the main policies the rear of the liberation struggle led by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, which he found in the Italian Communist Party supporter, even when the Soviets after the fall of Negus Haile Selassie, they abandoned the Eritrean guerrillas for siding with Ethiopia and the fierce military dictatorship Marxistleniista” of Meenghistu Haile Mariam, who launched the red terror” even against the Eritrean rebels. “Bologna, administered by the Mayor Renato Zang, red region, a stronghold of the Communist Party, welcomes the hope of Eritrea, his struggle against Ethiopian colonialism. Eritrea While you fight, the diaspora, when he finds himself in Bologna, maintains and strengthens ties, organizes practical help, send money and drugs, “reads the website yet Eritrea Live.